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 Last Frontier Air Ventures offers a variety of tour programs to fit every interest to include Scheduled Tours, Flight Seeing and Custom Adventure/Tour packages…Read more


Every year between February and May Last Frontier Air Ventures provides Astar B2 helicopters to several helicopter skiing guide companies around Alaska…   Read more


Geographical Survey

When you need a helicopter in Alaska to support your Geological Survey program, Last Frontier Air Ventures can assist you with helicopters that provide the performance…  Read more



When it comes to helicopter aerial filming and locations scouting in Alaska for everything from Feature Films to Discovery Channel documentaries, Reality television shows to Global warming expose’…   Read more



Last Frontier Air Ventures has the privilege of being intricately involved since the beginning stages of the largest hydroelectric project in North America in the past 40 years…   Read more

Aircraft Recovery & Salvage

Alaska is teaming with small aircraft flying and transporting people to and from our remote wilderness for all types of reasons, through all kinds of weather and all measures of terrain…   Read more

Mineral Exploration

Each summer season Last Frontier contracts with mineral exploration companies performing a wide variety of operational tasks in some of the most remote regions of Alaska…   Read more

External Load

Last Frontier Air ventures specialty is with precision external load operations. From drill support for mineral exploration, environmental, and engineering projects to hydroelectric and telecom projects…   Read more

Last Frontier Air Ventures

  Last Frontier Air Ventures is a diverse Alaskan Helicopter company offering Support Statewide for: Mineral Exploration, Oil Field Support, Survey, Slung Cargo, Video and Film Projects, Aerial Photography, Tours, and Heli Skiing, Short and Long Term Contracts. Last Frontier Air Ventures, being Alaskan owned and operated, can customize any job, big or small, to meet specific client needs. We look forward to meeting your needs and flying with you!

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