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About Us

Last Frontier Air Ventures is a full service, diverse Helicopter Company, Locally owned and operated, by lifelong Alaskans. The State is our back yard, and customer service, satisfaction and safety are paramount.

We offer Helicopter Support for the following anywhere in the State: Mineral Exploration, Survey, Research and Development, Slung Cargo, Video and Film Projects, Aerial Photography, Tours, Crew Transport, Heli Skiing, Short and Long Term Contracts.

We specialize in being able to custom fit our customer’s needs with helicopter services as well as provide various other logistical support needs.

We have four Astar 350B2 Aircraft, one Astar 350B3 aircraft and three MD 500D aircraft.  Please see our fleet page for detailed descriptions and information for each aircraft type.

All of our pilots are proficient with precision long line, and mountain operations. Both our pilots and mechanics are well trained and experienced in remote Alaskan environments.