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Film Credits

Film & Television Projects

Disney Nature Bears Grizzley Productions Feature Film
Dude, You’re Screwed Nat Geo TV Series
Top Gear America History Channel Series
Aerial America Tusker TV Series
Under the Radar Indigo Films Discovery TV Series Discovery TV Series
Marko Cheseto – UAA Runner Seventh Movement    
On Frozen Ground Valentina Films Feature Film
The Invisible Highway Twilliger Productions Documentary Film
Wild Planet: North America Wild Horizons    
Alaska Wingmen Nat Geo TV Nat Geo TV Nat Geo TV
Man Woman Wild Fliptied Productions Discovery TV Series Discovery TV Series
Seven Wonders of the Solar System BBC/Discovery    
60 Minutes Australia 60 Minutes Australia TV show See video
Salmon and Bears Simon Werry
Arcticman 08 Arcticman Race Filming
Into The Wild, Sean Penn   Feature Film
Transformers   Feature Film
Out of the Wilde 08 Pilgrim Films and TV Discovery TV Series
Save The Planet Impossible Productions UK Discovery TV Discovery TV
Snowball Earth Pioneer Productions UK Discovery TV Discovery TV
Fearless Planet Impossible Productions UK Discovery TV
Alaska Expriment 07 Richochette Productions Discovery TV Series  
Vertical Rush Planetwatch Productions Feature Film  
Natural Wonders 07 Impossible Productions UK Discovery TV Discovery TV
Toyota Environmental Special Idea Newtworks LA Japanese TV Special  
The Guardian 05-06 Walt Disney Films Feature Film
Treasure Hunters NVC/Magical Elves NBC Reality TV NBC Reality TV
Iditarod 05 Iditarod Race Filming  
Endurance 04 Discovery TV-3Ball Prod Reality TV Show  
Cannibal Instinct History Channel/ EB Media Documentary
Nwest Conquest History Channel Historical Recreation  
The Blue Planet Doug Allen/BBC BBC Feature Film
Planet In Peril CNN News Series  
Extreme Ski Movies and Videos Numerous    


Commercials and Still Shoots

Saks 08 PM Productions Catalog  
Toyota Vic Huber Productions Still Shoot  
Acura 07 Locke Motion Productions Still Shoot  
Nieman Marcus 06 Liz Von Hoene Catalog  
REI 06 REI/ Steve Mason Catalog  
Tommy Hilfiger 06 Industry Productions Catalog  
Neiman Marcus 05 Diego Uchitel Catalog
American Eagle Outfitters 5 Branch Prod/Elaie Contantine Catalog  
Mystique Magazine Infinity Studios Model Shoot
Nissan Xterras HSI Productions/Josh Taft TV Commercial  
Carhartt 04 Lightchacers Catalog
Eddie Bauer 04 EB Productions
Honda ATV Fusion Films/p. Abrahms
Sierra Mist Cola HSI Productions