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Other Services

State/Federal Agency

Every year Last Frontier becomes involved in providing helicopter support for numerous Federal, FAA, and State DNR and ADF&G agencies from river navigability and wildlife studies to volcanoes study projects. In addition Last Frontier assists in construction, maintenance and resupply of many remote communication and mountain pass camera sites around Alaska.


Last Frontier enjoys providing helicopter transportation to groups involved in education. Universities and education forums from around the world have used our helicopters to study global warming impacts, volcanoes and geology of all kinds, to remote survival and outdoor leadership programs right out of our home base in Palmer.


If your project calls for long lining your entire remote cabin package, house, man camp, or even your 50 person, 8000 square foot lodge complex into a remote spot in the Alaskan wilderness, Last Frontier can help by flying it in one 1500 to 2000 lb sling load at a time until the jobs done.